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Scan-121030-0015.jpgSnow sighs..Contrast!Radcliffe Camera in the SnowMy 52: Week 5: IndustryCheap lens? Sweet!My 52: Week 4: SecureMansfieldNearer the river lies St. John's..My 52: Week 2 Fear2012 52: Wk 1 DirectionIn CelebrationSt. Mark's ChurchFruits of the VineThey don't build em like they used to..Back in the Diff!ReflectionsSun flare!Guiting Power ChurchWills' standing proud!Scan-110605-0001.jpgOld Duke, BristolSheldonian TheaterTurl Street, OxfordAshmolean MuseumAll Saints'George's St. ArcadeLiver BuildingBrunel's BridgeSt. John's AltarSt. Paul's CathedralA Beacon on the HillGo fly a kite!Scott Tower (Detail)Scott TowerComplimentary ColoursSilhouetteWill's Memorial 2Will's MemorialChapel mk2Croome Court ChurchSure it's only Cookes!On a quiet street where old ghosts meet