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DSCF0860.jpgDSCF0840.jpgPeekabooo pause!Polished and ready to roll!DecorationAn afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 5An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 4An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 3An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 2An afternoon of C-41 in Rodinal Pt 1And every puddle an oceanIR test pt 2IR test pt 1Just glorious!Look into my eyes...Scan-120513-0014.jpgRefreshment!Scan-120314-0028.jpgScan-120314-0023.jpgScan-120314-0019.jpgScan-120314-0003.jpgScan-120315-0002.jpgAdventures with Pinholes pt2Adventures with Pinholes pt1Scan-120314-0049.jpgScan-120314-0048.jpgScan-120314-0033.jpgAlternate 52: Week 5 IndustryNatural architectureSnow sighs..Contrast!Radcliffe Camera in the SnowMy 52: Week 5: IndustryCheap lens? Sweet!My 52: Week 4: SecureMansfieldDo you think she signalled? What are we going to do Pinky?Nearer the river lies St. John's..Spiraling!January Home TimeYup, it's Oxford!My 52: Week 3 SighA well-earned break!My 52: Week 2 Fear2012 52: Wk 1 DirectionOne does not approveBristol UniIn CelebrationSt. Mark's ChurchFruits of the VineThey don't build em like they used to..National Hunt commemorationsFirst!CNV00013.jpgBarmouth BridgeTal-y-Llyn and Cadair IdrisAlone in the woods...Pop!Is anybody out there?Bourne Fairly on its wayJust push the button!Flying over the waterLllyn PerisNot so fun at 6amPortra portraitsBack in the Diff!Brizzle Gorillas!Ruddy Mutt!The wild north :)SilhouettesBullers of BuchanDynamic rangeWeather beatenOnce were giantsOn a  missionCiaraAndyCheeky Monkey!Oh so pretty!A modern relationship..Split da tone!IanContrasted PortraitMalverns and the sunYou'd think the sun shines...Young love :)A bright future aheadIn the shadow of the sunCotswolds springA bike, a hill and a dream...It's basically a kettleAll aboard!Testing lattitudeA slice of times gone byScan-110703-0003.jpgThere but for the graceCloseup test!ReflectionsLuminous