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BacklitBrunel's BridgeXH558Letting it all hang outHurricaneJet ProvostTaxiing home...Back in BlightyThey don't make em like they used to..LancasterDakka dakka dakka!All gappy..Classic view..x^2/a^2+y^2/b^2=1Battle of Britain FlightDefinitely better than EdwardBreaking rightA380Post landingDC-3 (3!)DC-3 approachAntonov AN2Valedictory passGraceful, elegent, aerobatic, VW?Aerial balletGet im!DH 104 DevonThe Last!StearmanT-6 TexanSpitfireFort St. Angelo (2)Faith!Fort Saint ElmoGranary for Fort St. ElmoValetta StreetsChinese cultural embassyAuberge d'ItalieRed dragonflyValetta noon signalling cannonFiat lux!Mid presentation!The birthday boy!IMGP1601.jpgIMGP1600.jpgIMGP1586.jpgIMGP1576.jpgCIMG1381.jpgCIMG1379.jpgIMGP1560.jpgIMGP1551.jpgIMGP1543.jpgIMGP1534.jpgIMGP1528.jpgIMGP1509.jpgIMGP1465.jpgIMGP1429.jpgIMGP1419.jpgIMGP1412.jpgIMGP1408.jpgIMGP1406.jpgIMGP1387.jpgSinkholeReturning home...Into the blue..P-29 superstructureOn final approachTexturesFort St. AngeloGrand Harbour, ValettaSt. John's AltarSt. Paul's DomeAltar, St. Paul'sSt. Paul's CathedralJupiterMemorialsLookin' good!Jo no27 :)A Beacon on the HillHoward MurleyThe big one oh ohPrinces Street Gardens and New TownWell, she is on holiday...Better living through brandingGo fly a kite!When we grow up we wanna be...Spontaneoous DwarfismLife's Ups and DownsA Haunting BeautyPrinces Street Gardens and CastleArthur's Seat and Old TownPrinces StreetScott Tower (Detail)Scott TowerRaptThe Livin' is EasyCryptic ViewsComplimentary ColoursChecking out wedding hotelsStephen! Coming!!