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Moody SkiesContrasts!Fire!Traffic LightsBacklitBrunel's BridgeXH558Letting it all hang outHurricaneJet ProvostTaxiing home...Back in BlightyThey don't make em like they used to..LancasterDakka dakka dakka!All gappy..Classic view..x^2/a^2+y^2/b^2=1Battle of Britain FlightDefinitely better than EdwardBreaking rightA380Post landingDC-3 (3!)DC-3 approachAntonov AN2Valedictory passGraceful, elegent, aerobatic, VW?Aerial balletGet im!DH 104 DevonThe Last!StearmanT-6 TexanSpitfireFort St. Angelo (2)Faith!Fort Saint ElmoGranary for Fort St. ElmoValetta StreetsChinese cultural embassyAuberge d'ItalieRed dragonflyValetta noon signalling cannonFiat lux!Mid presentation!The birthday boy!IMGP1601.jpgIMGP1600.jpgIMGP1586.jpgIMGP1576.jpgCIMG1381.jpgCIMG1379.jpgIMGP1560.jpgIMGP1551.jpgIMGP1543.jpgIMGP1534.jpgIMGP1528.jpgIMGP1509.jpgIMGP1465.jpgIMGP1429.jpgIMGP1419.jpgIMGP1412.jpgIMGP1408.jpgIMGP1406.jpgIMGP1387.jpgSinkholeReturning home...Into the blue..P-29 superstructureOn final approachTexturesFort St. AngeloGrand Harbour, ValettaSt. John's AltarSt. Paul's DomeAltar, St. Paul'sSt. Paul's CathedralJupiterMemorialsLookin' good!Jo no27 :)A Beacon on the HillHoward MurleyThe big one oh ohPrinces Street Gardens and New TownWell, she is on holiday...Better living through brandingGo fly a kite!When we grow up we wanna be...Spontaneoous DwarfismLife's Ups and DownsA Haunting BeautyPrinces Street Gardens and CastleArthur's Seat and Old TownPrinces StreetScott Tower (Detail)Scott TowerRaptThe Livin' is Easy